◇ Product Details ◇By sticking sheet type extensions, those extensions will spread fan-shapes on Cristal U Plate Standard , that helps eyelash artists to pick each lash up. Especially , when grafting Volume Lashes, this product makes easier to pick up extremely thin extensions.Thus, work efficiency would improve and enable to save operating time.This product can be used with most sheet type extensions, including volume lash and single type. We recommend standard type for sheets of single type, and spread type for volume lash.As the curve of standard type is stronger than spread type, the extensions on the sheet would spread more.◇ Usage ◇Please use it after taking out eyelash extensions. Also, glue/removers can be used along with them.◇ Specifications ◇・Size(mm):(H)71×(W)50×(D)23・Weight(g):148◇Notice◇・If it's dropped, there's danger of getting cracked or broken. Be careful when in use.

クリスタル Uプレート スプレッド レース

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