Some problems with skin such as spots, wrinkles, sagging, pores etc. are various.

So we propose a course suitable for your needs such as skin quality and troubles at therapy shop Venulapis.

We will provide support from various angles so that customers can approach beautiful we want to be

Our staff counselling before the therapy. After confirming the condition of your skin, your problem, we suggest a course that suits you. We will support your problem solving your skin.

1. We Have Counseling for the therapy First

Staff choose product for your skin problem

2. Make-up Off

Eyelash extension,False eyelashes, Botox injection, plastic surgery, etc. Please tell us the time

3.Please select a treatment type

Lymph,décolleté therapy

To feel refreshed, you can get a lymphatic massage for your face. Not only can it revitalise the face, it can also give you beautiful skin.


By doing a lymphatic massage, you can expect the following two effects.

· Immune function increases, making bacteria and foreign substances less likely to be taken into the body

· Eliminate waste and eliminate swelling


The lymph is stretched in the body like the blood vessel.

However, unlike blood, lymph flows from muscle exercise. 


The face is swollen because extra moisture accumulates between the cells. This moisture can be removed by urging the lymphatic flow with lymphatic massage, and it can be refreshing and revitalising for the face.


Also, promoting the lymphatic flow makes it easier to collect waste products accumulated in the cells. Lymphatic massage collects and removes these waste products. By recovering and excreting the waste matter of the cell, the cells of the skin will be able to demonstrate their original power, giving you beautiful and revitalised skin


Shiatsu technique refers to the use of fingers and the palm of one's hands to apply pressure to particular sections on the surface of the body for the purpose of correcting the imbalances of the body, and for maintaining and promoting health. It is also a method contributing to the healing of specific illnesses.


By pressing the areas of the face we can enhance the functions of the internal organs - becoming beautiful within! 


Improve the circulation of the temporal regions and preventative spots. This is also recommended when you get tired eyes, blurry vision and lack of concentration.


It is effective for dullness and strain around your eyes.

It is said to have an effect to soothe the mind.


You can get tired of eyes refreshed.  Through acupuncture points we can help blurry eyes and strains. 


Reduce facial muscles while promoting cheek blood circulation, eliminate swelling of the face.


Shiatsu has an effect on the sagging skins of your skin. Also, if you have hay fever it can improve the air flow in your nasal passages. 


Shiatsu can also improve the effect of lowering the temperature of the stomach and suppressing appetite, it is also recommended for dieting.


It is a point that is useful also for warping of the mouth, wrinkles around the mouth and acne countermeasures.

4. Cooling, Green tea, Vitamin or Collagen Mask

Strong Australia sunshine and arid climate make get damage,make large pores, then skin easy getting old. After cleansing , reaction of skin  by therapy, It’s easy put in  penetrate nutrients of green tea, vitamins or collagen.  It’s make keep smooth your skin, and This mask provide keep large amount moisture.

5. Estenad Sonic Machine