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Lapis lazuli



Venus -
Goddess of beauty, both appearance and interior.

Lapis lazuli power stone -
Lapis lazuli has the power to reject evilness. It is said that it can withdraw not only the evil from the outside but also the disturbance from within the heart. It fights off anger and jealousy, and helps to avoids danger. In order to correct the wrong ideas in the mind and improve judgment, it can help when you get lost in the way to go. It tells us not only short-term results but also the right way to go forward. As a result, we can bring the best of luck

At this Salon -
We wish to awaken the true beauty that each customer has inherently and to help you find it not only in appearance but also the beauty that springs from the inside.


Our nail service offers very delicate and high-quality service.
We use Japanese Pregel, a highly-regarded Japanese registered cosmetic.


The carefully selected therapist will examine your physical condition, listen to your requests and then will provide the most appropriate type of therapy. We will apply the treatment to stimulate strength and comfort to your liking.


We work in collaboration with Japan's largest eyelash extension company and offer a wide selection of products. In addition to J and C curls, we also offer D curls - an eyelash extension that provides even greater curl.


Some problems with skin such as spots, wrinkles, sagging, pores etc. are various.
So we propose a course suitable for your needs such as skin quality and troubles at therapy shop Venulapis.




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